Kids Need A Mother

Victorian Nanny

I found this photo on Pinterest. The woman looks a little like me, Ama.

Luke calls me a two-hundred-pound force of nature. One day I’ll catch that cheeky monkey and box his ears. My chances are slim because I’m too slow. By the time I find my glasses, lift my long, black dress and white apron out of the way, and get all my wobbly bits into motion, he’s long gone. I don’t mind my squishy bits much, because they are burrows for the little ones when they need warmth and comfort. What would you prefer? Two hundred pounds of love or one hundred pounds of love? Sometimes size does matter!

Most days I’m sitting in my supersize armchair and picking up my knitting. Although we live in New Zealand, a place of moderate weather–I’m always telling the Tribe our winter is like a bad summer in Europe—winter mornings can be chilly and the little ones need warm covers. 

Having a warm, inviting place to go to and call ours, has made life a lot easier, especially when the little ones are hurting under the burden of the memories they guard. They need protection and lots of care because without their memories being contained, we can’t function. You see, I have my hands full. Don’t say they “A mother’s work is never done?” So True!

Our biggest problem is dealing with change. The more stable our environment is, the better we function. Because each of us spend only fragments of time in the body, we have to be quick on our feet and good at hiding our confusion. Like the time I was in the grocery store and a woman I’ve never met asks me when the next meeting is.

She must have thought I’m Elise. I had no idea what she was talking about and, even though my mind raced, I couldn’t find the information. Yes, we all learned to cover these gaps. We had to. In the end, I acted shocked and told her I’d totally forgot. Living in a stable, predictable environment makes it so much easier to function well.

I’ve gotta go now. I’ve got things to do and kids to look after.

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