Creating Multiple Personalities

Creating Multiple PersonalitiesYou’ve created your personalities yourself!
Your therapist has created your personalities!

I’ve heard it both ways. Ridiculous, really, if you consider it. The moment people don’t understand something, they try to turn things against you. You must have made the symptoms up or you are a super hypochondriac. We are talking about multiple personality disorder also known as DID. Oh, pardon, I forgot. It’s Lilly here. I’ve been reading a post in the Multiple Voices Blog and got all worked up.

The question how dissociative disorders (DD) dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) are created and if they are even real, has kept the therapeutic community divided for many years now. The good news is, nobody knows. Whatever people believe is just that: their belief. We don’t know enough about how our marvelous mind works to give a definitive answer.

It’s like religion. You either believe or you don’t. I mean you, the person outside of us, that looks at us and comes up with a theory they’ve cooked up. We don’t have the luxury to toss that question around because we live it every day. The best we can do is to understand what goes on for us. As it turns out, the better we do that and embrace ourselves, our system, our parts, and our history, the better we function and cope.

How naïve to assume someone only has to read a book to talk themselves into a disorder so serious that you end up with a group of different personalities. It’s not such a thrill to be a person with lots of different parts. It’s hard work. Truth be told, it wasn’t a book that split our self into parts.

If someone accuses you that you are creating your e.g. dissociative disorder, depression, or anxiety they imply that you’re naughty, you shouldn’t have done it, please undo it quickly.

Let me tell you, if we could, we would do so today. Because no matter how cute or interesting switching into different parts may look in a movie or read in a book, it’s not an easy life.


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