*rolls eyes* nobody wants to write this ‘About’ page, so it’s me, Lilly, again. I’m not even sure what this website is about. WELL, it’s about us, the Tribe, the brainchild of Milady, who decided to write a book about us and how we manage to get in and (sometimes) out of one sticky situation after the other. She set out to write ‘our story’ without going into the extremes of overdramatizing or turning it into a joke. That’s why she decided to only write what we tell her and keep out of it as much as she can. We’ll see! 

But there is so much that doesn’t fit in a book, like our feelings about most things pertaining to MPD/DID. A simple google search shows you get either countless articles that, in conclusion, amount to We don’t know, more research is needed, or the plethora of articles Is DID/MPD real? 

And don’t get me started on movies like Split or Primal Fear. *rolls eyes* *rolls eyes* 

So, who are we, the Tribe? I think we are a pretty amazing group of people. We live in the mind of Elizabeth (Elise) where we built a cool treehouse. The picture below is not our house, but very similar. Isn’t it awesome?

This looks almost like our treehouse

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