Elise The Reluctant Host

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Taken from Fantasylinen.com

Oops, my head did ‘fall out’ of the picture. Too bad. Luke said I did that on purpose because I hate being photographed. There might be a smidgeon of truth in his statement.

At the beginning of my journey, I had lots of blackouts. No matter how hard I tried to remember what I was doing, no matter how hard I prayed for mercy, nothing seemed to help. The therapist I saw for a while, Catherine McFarlane, made a totally crazy observation.

“You are the host of a personality system and during your blackouts, other parts of you take control of the body and do what’s needed.”

I remember giving stabbing looks to Catherine. Yeah right. Is it twilight hour again? Do pigs fly? I seriously thought about firing her as a therapist. 

“Host? Being a host means I invited people into my life and into my house. I don’t remember having issued an invitation to those time-thieves. Or do you mean a host as in a living form in which a parasite reside?”

I don’t recall how that particular conversation ended. I have a particularly bad memory. Everybody who knows me says so. It wasn’t a good session, that much I know. From the way she spoke, I took that she thought those time-thieves—that’s what I call them—do what’s needed much better than I can. I resent that very much. Whoever is doing it, could at least ask, couldn’t they? But nobody’s asking. If they were a part of me, as Catherine suggested, they wouldn’t take anything without asking. That’s just not how I do things. It’s another piece of evidence that her multiple personality theory is flawed.

Of course, I changed my stance over time, but that’s explained better in the book the GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE. Keep your eyes open for the release date!

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