The Journey Begins

Hi there! It's the strangest thing to shout into this vast emptiness called cyberspace, writing as if I'm talking to someone specific. I am and I'm not. I am in that I imagine someone with an interest in multiple personalities is reading this. And don't get me started with this Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). That … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Elise The Reluctant Host

Oops, my head did 'fall out' of the picture. Too bad. Luke said I did that on purpose because I hate being photographed. There might be a smidgeon of truth in his statement. At the beginning of my journey, I had lots of blackouts. No matter how hard I tried to remember what I was doing, … Continue reading Elise The Reluctant Host

Is it like the United States of Tara?

We've had a long discussion among us about who should write this post. Nobody wanted to step up. All these people speaking about us is not what we anticipated. Yes, we wanted to take part in portraying a more realistic life of a person who has multiple parts to their personality and is diagnosed with … Continue reading Is it like the United States of Tara?

Creating Multiple Personalities

You’ve created your personalities yourself! Your therapist has created your personalities! I’ve heard it both ways. Ridiculous, really, if you consider it. The moment people don't understand something, they try to turn things against you. You must have made the symptoms up or you are a super hypochondriac. We are talking about multiple personality disorder … Continue reading Creating Multiple Personalities

Preparing For Christmas

I love the time of the night when everyone is in the treehouse, tucked up in bed and asleep. It gives me time to sit with a cup of hot chocolate at the dining table, get our notebook out, and write my reflections of the day and how well we did. We need the reminder, especially … Continue reading Preparing For Christmas