Hi there!

It’s the strangest thing to shout into this vast emptiness called cyberspace, writing as if I’m talking to someone specific. I am and I’m not. I am in that I imagine someone with an interest in multiple personalities is reading this. And don’t get me started with this Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). That never did (LOL) anything for any of us. I won’t get into that here, but soon, I will, or Elise, Star, Luke, Ama, or Lisette will. You never know which one you get. 

I’m Lilly, and this is our Tribe. Not all of them. They didn’t all fit in and wiggled too much when the photographer took our picture.

I’m here to check on Milady (that’s not her real name) who is writing a book about our life. Sometimes she gets a little too casual with the details. Her excuse is, “it’s fiction, darling.” Yes, maybe. But just because she’s making us up doesn’t mean she can take liberties. She’s written a blog about recovery and thinks that gives her a free pass. I’ll keep my eyes open.