Preparing For Christmas

Victorian Nanny

I found this photo on Pinterest. The woman looks a little like me, Ama.

I love the time of the night when everyone is in the treehouse, tucked up in bed and asleep. It gives me time to sit with a cup of hot chocolate at the dining table, get our notebook out, and write my reflections of the day and how well we did. We need the reminder, especially when one of us is feeling down and hopeless.

Serenity spreads like a woolen blanket over the house. I sit and listen to the heavy, thundery rain hammering on the roof shingles like a drum roll. Together with the smell of burning wood in the fireplace, it creates a feeling of peaceful order and normality I adore.

I know this feeling won’t last. Christmas time is always difficult. There are just too many things that trigger little ones. Besides making sure everyone is cared for and the place is spick and span, I’m also making sure I’m there when others are upset. Must be my huge arms. 😉  I’m Ama. The name means Mother in Basque.

Elise learned from early on that she needed a mother. Her ‘real’ mother was not much of a mother. Although, sometimes we wondered if she cared enough about Elise to keep harm from her. But she wasn’t strong enough to stand up to Elise’s father. That’s where I came in. I didn’t start out as a very effective one, but over time I learned a thing or two.

That’s how I know that over Christmas, I need to watch out for the little ones. It’s not the time to become complacent though. I’ve read an article on a blog about keeping safe over Christmas. I found that helpful as a reminder. Pop over and have a look.

What are you doing to keep yourself safe over Christmas? I’d love to hear from you.


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